We are home.


We are home.

Here begins our journey of creating our dream space, where we’ll be calling home for a long time.


To us, this space is something we’ve been dreaming of since we got married years ago and we are extremely stoked to share this journey with you, our family, friends and readers.

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Our living room is the first space that’ll meet our eyes as we enter. It is spacious, bright and inviting. If you notice, we also have a pretend-broccoli-garden outside. I can imagine myself spending hours in this space, day-dreaming, taking photos, staring out (and occasionally avoiding the awkward looks of neighbours).

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As you turn back, there it’ll be, the typical apartment door, cabinet and store-room (also known as a ‘bomb-shelter’). I’m excited to have that magnetic door that’ll come in so handy in drying up my calligraphy pieces.

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As you venture to the right, you’ll quickly reach the dining and kitchen area. These two spaces will merge into one, when we say goodbye to that wall during the renovations. The kitchen is one of my favourite parts of our home because it is breezy and calming. I am looking forward to finally baking again after so many years of not having an oven.

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Say hello to my bright and sunny kitchen!

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When nature calls, this will be the space for our visiting family, friends and future cat (and yes, baby).

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The future baby’s room – which will be kept empty, as it’s reserved for the little one. And no, we are not pregnant yet.

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This is the space for our work, music, gaming, art, and fashion. We would consider it much of an activity room and we hope it’ll spark lots of creativity, focus and fun.

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Presenting to you our master-bedroom. I know the rooms currently all look similar, but I just want to look back on this post years down the road and be able to reminisce how it looked like when it was bare. This room would house our bed and my vanity-table. It also links to our activity room via a connecting door.

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The master-bedroom toilet as it is now. We are looking forward to having our private bathroom that is airy and tucked away.

In the next few posts, we will be sharing more photos of what our home would look like during and after it’s renovation journey.

We are creating it to be a home that sparks lots of joy, inspires us and makes us crave to be home. Our family and friends would know how much we both love Japan and Japanese culture – so that’s a clue on the theme that’ll be running through the entire home.

Stay tuned for more of that and more of us. 😉

Amsie & Alwin


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