Finding only pieces that spark joy & are practical.

We are constantly in search of the best dining table, the best chairs, the best doors, etc., that’ll suit our home’s Japanese theme and that’ll make us super happy to return home to.

These items should look aesthetically pleasing to us, is easy to clean and is not prone to dust & humidity (among others).

This may sound silly but I (the wife) really like this chair above because when I lean back on it, I get a DIY shoulder massage as I shift my shoulder around, ha! Plus, it is so Japanese-inspired.

This IKEA bamboo bathroom set is so inspiring for a dry-toilet. Although I’m not entire sure about bamboo withstanding the kind of humidity in our country. We may opt in to pick one item in here to try out first as a start – which is likely the mirror.

Lovely dining display at HipVan’s pop-up store.

Here’s a shot we took from one of our Japanese interior magazines and boy do we love those wooden sliding doors. It is beautiful and traditionally Japanese and I wish they had that in Singapore.

More dreaming and researching awaits. Counting down the days till we move into our dream home. 🙂


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