An (healthy) obsession with minimalism in Japan.

To us, it is definitely a healthy obsession – why?

Less possessions
= less time needed to maintain it.
= less time needed to clean the space that holds it.
= less money spent.
= less meaningless options.
= less stress.
= more time for things that matter.
= more joy.
<to name a few>

Watch this:

Yes, this is extreme and it is a journey to get to this stage. We would not recommend you throwing out your entire life’s possessions at one go. It takes a deep understanding of why you are doing it and it ought to be a lifestyle that you choose. But trust me, it is a rewarding journey and it feels oh so liberating to own and maintain less (we are not there yet but we have started somewhere).

Here’s another article to inspire you, as you take a look at Japan’s obsession with minimalism.

As a start for our home (as we do want to host small groups of family/friends once in awhile);
– we will have at most 4 sets of kitchen cutlery and plates.
– we won’t own a sofa (at least for now).
– we are constantly culling our wardrobe.
– we both own less than 20 pairs of footwear (including slippers).
– 99% of our music is digital.

But we still have loads of stuff we do not need.

We hope to bring you all along this journey as well. Let’s inspire one another!


One thought on “An (healthy) obsession with minimalism in Japan.

  1. rinthewanderer says:

    In middle school, there was a series of photos like these ( for different countries on display. I loved them for many reasons and still reflect on them years later. In the series there was one for a Japanese family and I was struck by their minimalism in particular, because it was one of the few developed countries pictured, yet that had a noticeable lesser amount of stuff than other countries pictured (i.e. Germany and the US).

    Great video! While I don’t think I could back to their amount (at least not right now) I really respect that they’re able to do that and completely get their philosophies on ‘stuff’. It certainly inspires me to take a look at some of the ‘stuff’ I have and question if I really need it.

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