Old interiors of Japanese homes.

In April this year, we had the opportunity to sneak to Tokyo for a quick holiday; due to withdrawal symptoms from being away from Japan for too long. For me (the wife) at least, one year is the limit for being away from this wonderful country.

I really wanted to visit Edo-Tokyo Museum during this trip, after seeing it featured in one of Mark Wien’s YouTube videos. We had so much fun in this museum!

My favourite part of the visit was getting a glimpse of Japanese home interiors back in the day. It was functional, easy to maintain, clean and most importantly, it had character.

The warm wood tones and how everything worked within a small space really stood out to us. I thought to myself, we could live here!

This mock-up of a home even had a service-yard, much like my new home. The wash area is situation in the same spot too – ha!

It has so much flavour – I love it.

This photo below shows (I believe to be) a more dated Japanese home, with dinner laid out for a family.

If only we grew up being used to sitting on the floor, we would definitely love to have this low table/chair concept at our living/dining area – but alas, our butts and legs would ache and hurt after a while. We knew this while we stayed at a Kyoto Ryokan during breakfast, which was served in a large room where we all sat on a cushion, on the floor. Of course, the lovely breakfast at the Ryokan made up for the small pain.

As we will be confirming and appointing our Interior Designer soon, we are so excited for our renovations to finally begin. Hopefully in about 6-7 weeks’ time, we can move into our dream home.

Till then, stay tuned.


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