Minimalism: Clearing out your wardrobe

How many pieces in our wardrobe, do we really love and need? This is a very tough question for many ladies (and some men) to answer honestly. We love to have options, different styles, etc…but is that really true?

It takes guts, a true sense of WHY, and encouragement to do a serious wardrobe cull. It is not a one-off exercise. It has to be a lifestyle that is applied while you are clearing out your clothes, and while you consider buying new pieces.

I (the wife) still feel that I have too many pairs of jeans, although I wear all of them at least two to three times a month. Project 333 is definitely something that is inspiring me, but I am honestly going slow on it. 33 pieces of everything is definitely a challenge.

After my recent wardrobe cull, I realise that I really do dig my whites, blacks, dark greens, blues and the occasional splash of colour (although it is rare).

The husband has also gotten himself down to very few pieces. He was the wife’s inspiration to begin with – good on you baby!

Why do we choose to clear out our wardrobe?
– Having less does not mean that you cannot be fashionable or stylish. It takes a real stylish person (in the wife’s opinion) to know what he/she really loves on themselves and keep only those.
– We drastically reduce those mornings when we complain about having nothing to wear.
– Less clothes = more money saved.
– More space for fabrics to breath in your wardrobe = less chances of booklice or other bugs like spiders and roaches to infest.
– Trust us on this one: visual clutter breeds unknowing stress in you and you will not realise this until you clear the clutter.
– More space to buy clothing that we really love and that defines our style and to build an eventual capsule wardrobe.
– It is so incredibly fulfilling.

Just imagine opening up your wardrobe and being excited to wear all of your clothes and having those styling ideas run through your head…THAT is how your wardrobe ought to make you feel.

In the days to come, we hope to be able to share more tips and tricks on how we keep our wardrobe clutter-free and inspiring!


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