Part 1: Why do we love Japan?

Let’s put it this way: there are no amount of words that can express why we love Japan. It’s as if you’ve fallen hopelessly and madly in love with a boy or a girl, and this love leads to a strong and bold marriage. That’s just that.

But since this is a blog where we express ourselves in photos and words, one of the reasons why we love Japan is because of the passion its locals carry. The pride and joy they take in all that they do.

And as I (the wife) don’t believe (in general) in long blog posts, this one post will focus on the Japanese’s passion in food.

Fresh and beautiful onigiri, sold at the soon-to-move, Tsukiji Fish Market.

Kura Sushi has pretty cheap and good sushi, and every five plates allows you a chance to win a capsule toy, fun!

The warm soba above with a raw egg in it, oh heaven! And the husband really enjoyed the curry katsu. いただきます! (itadakimasu)

Perfection in a bowl. Our absolute favourite ramen of all time – Ichiran.

There you go, minimalism and passion = great food.
Simple + fresh ingredients + prepared with love = amazing food.

Don’t believe what we say? Book a trip to Japan now and we dare you to tell us otherwise. 😉


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