Part 1: Japanese minimalism in home interiors. 

We are so excited and blessed to have discovered the joys and rewards of minimalism, before the process of designing our dream home. The amount of money we would save and the amount of effort saved in cleaning and maintaining stuff…huge.

Photo source: HomeMyDesign

Although tatami mats and wood floors aren’t the most practical to have in humid Singapore – the look and feeling it brings with its design, can be copied for interior design in a Singapore apartment.

We are so attracted to the soft golden hues and inviting warmth of the above photo. 🙂 *happy sigh*

Photo source: HomeMyDesign

Bright lights, almost no stuff on the counters, breezy, light & neat – that’s how we envision our kitchen to be. The least stuff on the counter-top, the better = easier for one swipe of a cloth to clean the entire space.

Oh the dream of cleaning my kitchen in ten minutes tops.

Photo source: (Photo: Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates)

On a more extreme note, how’s this for absolutely gorgeous minimalism? I’m sure a robot vacuum would have no issue cleaning a good 95% of this space pretty well.

Also, after our current mattress wears out, we are both considering replacing it with futon mattresses! It’s going to be awesome and a heck lot easier to air the mattresses and change the bedsheets.

Oh yeah. Call us extreme-minimalists-dreamers, because we are.


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