Freedom found in minimalism.

If we had known earlier (or more so me, the wife), I would not have accumulated so much stuff over the years. However, it’s never too late to begin on this journey as a minimalist!

Oh the freedom found in having lesser things and choosing not to feel guilty about it. You may ask, what freedom are we talking about, and what guilt are we talking about?

– we feel this sense of “ah yes” whenever we sell/give away/throw out that one more thing.
– the empty space that was once occupied is visually and emotionally calming.
– a sense of being true to yourself that no, I most likely would not ever use it (instead of I may be able to use it one day in situation xyz).

– “I cannot throw this away. It is a part of my past and I do not want to throw a part of myself away.”
– “It is such a waste.”
– “Someone else may need it.”

It is a much better idea to develop a happier you, by seeing yourself as you are today, and building a better you, for tomorrow.

Here are 3 tips from us to get you started:

Digitise your stuff.
Music, books, photographs, memorable letters, post-cards, etc.
I (the wife) basically reminisced my wedding guest book, took photos of each page and tossed out the physical book. There. I get to remember my happy wedding day + I do not need to clean/keep another book.
The husband took weeks upon weeks digitising every CD and DVD that he had (except one CD that we had bought on our Japan honeymoon that was special to us) and sold/gave away everything. There. We still get to enjoy the music + we do not need to wipe the “millions” of physical CDs and DVDs that we used to have + we got to bless others with it.

Clear out your stuff by category.
This is a great tip we’ve learnt from Marie Kondo. If you need to clear your clothing, take them ALL OUT at one go and take a good look at it, and decide how much of it do you really wear and need for your lifestyle (work, business socialising, sports, etc.) I did not realise that I had 5 white T-shirts till I laid them all out on my bed. Now, I have reduced it to 2 white T-shirts.

Spend money on experiences, not on stuff.
Experiences like taking up a course you’ve always wanted to vs. a new outfit that you’re probably only going to wear once or twice.
Spending time with  your family on a holiday vs. buying them expensive gifts that they will likely not use. (See this post on not letting gifts be a burden)
Reading up on interesting topics online that you enjoy vs. aimless online shopping.

We dare you to begin this journey and come along with us on it. 🙂


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