House visit. 

Today’s house visit meant that it was yet another step closer to our renovations and us moving in. It is really exciting!

We’ve not been back to our new house for a few weeks now, as we were busy confirming our interior designer and making appointments with the lighting guy, the air-conditioning guy, the door-makers, etc. We had also purchased our major kitchen appliances.

Here’s our clean white wall in the living area, where you’re able to see our front door on the left. At the entrance, we are creating a Genkan, which is a traditional Japanese entryway area for a house. It’s a design feature that we like and we are also clean freaks – so it’s killing two birds with one stone.

The view from the living room, where right at the end, you’ll see a corner in the master bedroom – that’s where the wife’s dresser will sit.

A corner of our bright and inviting living room area – that could double up as a photography studio space. The natural light hits this space really well and the wife would gladly be used as a photography subject anytime. 😛 Also, our (future) cat may own this space.

Master bedroom entrance. On the right is our pretty spacious toilet. On the left will be our bed platform (without storage because we really don’t have much stuff) for our current king-sized mattress. In the future, we are likely switching to futon beds, which are easier to maintain.

White-walls in our (future) baby-room. Sunlight beckons!

Taken from the inside of our kitchen. This wall will be hacked away in the next two weeks.さようなら! <sayounara; goodbye>  After that, the kitchen will be even breezier and it’ll be connected to the dining area.

The currently bare kitchen floor (view from the service yard). On left/front will be our kitchen countertop area that will have our sink, induction hob, chimney hood, built-in oven and fridge. We wish they sold fish-grill ovens like those in Japan, but it ain’t something common in Singapore. Our full-sized oven will do better actually.

View of our service-yard/balcony area. Our washing machine will be placed on the right and our clothes will get some sun being dried here. The view is awesome.

We are happy. 🙂


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