Part 2: Japanese minimalism in home interiors.

The following few homes are so incredibly inspiring or have inspired us in how we are designing our simple and minimalist Japanese home.


Source: House in Natsumidai by Camp Design inc.

The warm sunlight against the oak wood is so attractive to us. It is incredibly calming and inspiring. It’s somewhat like a blank canvas that evokes creativity in us. Also, we don’t feel the stress in having to clean the surfaces. Granted that this home is probably unoccupied when this photo was taken, but it sure is a great space to live in.


Source: Wing Wall House by Camp Design inc.

We are so envious of the amazing view and airiness of this apartment. The lack of storage sort of forces you to maintain minimalism. It is so beautiful. It is such a great space to entertain a few friends or family.


Source: Homesthetics

This is considered a large Genkan, which is a traditional Japanese entryway areas for a house, apartment, or building. It makes us happy that we’re keeping the rest of our floor clean.

What do you love about minimalism in Japanese home interiors? 🙂

Also see Part 1 of this post here.


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