Is a 92 metre-square apartment considered small?

We thought so for sure, when we purchased our 92 metre-square, 4-room apartment in Singapore. But no! Apparently there are tinier spaces that people actually live in and choose to live in.

Now we’re actually pretty sure our apartment is considered a mansion to these amazing folks. Well, the benefit is there’s definitely less to clean and you’re also ‘forced’ into becoming a minimalist.

A 12 metre-square apartment:


Source: Avocado garden

It is so teeny-tiny and this couple even has a dog living here with them. We could probably clean the entire house in less than 3 hours.

A 13 metre-square apartment:


Source: Not a paper house

This space is mad amazing! Click through the source to see more photos. The kitchen and toilet is behind the closet, and there’s a washing machine inside the closet.

A 47 metre-square apartment:


Source: Humble homes

This apartment in Tokyo uses partitions to split the spaces up and it is brilliant. The best part about this for me (the wife) is the warm sunlight that bleeds into the room and it’s so inviting.

Here are two other videos to inspire you to think about possibly down-sizing and living simply. 🙂

When we both have a chance to move to Japan, we likely will have to live in a smaller apartment at the start – when that time comes, it’ll be really interesting.

For now, let us enjoy our ‘mansion.’


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