Quick status update on our home.

It has been two weeks since we have confirmed our interior designer and here is a quick status update on our home, so we can clock-in our milestones and share with you guys.

Stuff that’s been purchased:
– lights & fan
– water storage tank
– air-conditioning system
– major toilet accessories
– feature door, closet door & toilet doors
– kitchen hood, hob, built-in oven (whee for the wife!) & fridge

Stuff that we already have (free-of-charge/second-hand/existing):
– washing machine
– rice cooker
– portable electric cooker & kettle
– dehumidifiers (it is incredibly humid in Singapore)
– vacuum cleaner
Dyson fan
– doorbell & magnetic door stoppers
– water-filter
– mattress & beddings

Stuff that we need to get before moving in:
– minor toilet accessories
– internal closet structure & MUJI drawers
– dining table, chairs (x2) & bench (x1)
– window blinds
– upgraded home fire insurance

Other lower priority stuff we will get slowly as we move in. Examples include a robot vacuum cleaner, the wife’s vanity dresser and a chest of drawers for the bedroom.

Of course, we’ll have to hire movers to move the bulky items from our current home, to our new home. The rest of the stuff will be moved by helpful family members – we are so thankful for that, as it saves us a heap of cash – which is definitely handy in this ‘moving-in-soon’ season.

Up next, we are waiting for our 3D interior artwork to be presented to us by our interior designer. Also, two walls will be hacked at our home (kitchen & a small door in between two rooms), once our HDB hacking permit has been approved. Likely to be within these two weeks.

You may realise that we are not getting a sofa, coffee table, television, bed-frame, etc. and all that jazz for now. These are the normalities in a home (at least for Singapore) but we have chosen to keep the home clean and should we start to ‘miss’ these creature comforts – that should tell us that we could possibly consider purchasing them.

Meanwhile, happy weekend guys! 🙂


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