8 tips to save money on renovations. 

Throughout the process of deciding what and how we’d like to renovate our home, we’ve discovered certain cost-saving tips. Some of these tips are general across the board in Singapore, and others are tips that we’ve chosen to adopt for ourselves. Some tips may work for you, some may not. However, we hope it’s a good and helpful read. 🙂

Our philosophy is that as much as possible, try not to get into an unmanageable amount of debt and work with what you can afford first. Slowly add on and build your home gradually – it need not be a completed puzzle the moment you move in (reminder to ourselves too).

(Photo: How cozy is this view of our bedroom (to us)?)

8 tips to save money on renovations:

  1. Become a minimalist. Sell things that you don’t need + don’t buy things that you don’t need = happy & fat wallet.
  2. Bring over certain items from your old home as a stand-in first, before purchasing the actual furniture. It’s not easy to be patient when you want to see your dream home with all the pieces of the puzzle in place, but it’s worth taking the time to save enough to buy what you really LOVE. Instead of regretting your purchase because you rushed into it or someone told you that you got to have it.
  3. Omit having false ceilings in your home, unless it’s an absolute must for your design and you cannot stand the sight of trunking, etc. This can save you thousands of dollars – no kidding.
  4. Go for a simple one-colour painted wall, instead of wallpaper that is impractical for Singapore’s humidity level. Wallpaper peels easily, is hard to replace and expensive to install.
  5. Omit purchasing certain furniture that seem ‘the norm’, till you decide that you miss it and want it in your home. We are choosing not to have a television, sofa set, coffee table, bed-frame, bedside-table as a start.
  6. Hire movers only to move the necessary heavy-duty items, like washing machines, mattresses, tables, chairs, large fans, etc. These items would be more well taken care of if moved by professionals (generally speaking), than well-meaning family and friends who may damage your items accidentally. Friends and family (especially those with large vehicles like lorries) can help to move the smaller items that can fit snugly into boxes (clothes, toys, loose items, lighter electronics, etc). This way, the movers move less = the less you need to pay them.
  7. Go for simple lighting that is easy to clean and maintain. We opted for LED lights for the entire home and non-of it are designer lights. The simple round/white lights matches our Japanese-themed home. We are also planning to move our furniture around the house to keep it fresh and fun, so teardrop designed lights or feature lights would not work so well for us.
  8. Don’t settle for the cheapest interior designer or contractor, but do seek for at least 3 quotes. You may ask, how is this a tip on saving money? By hiring the cheapest person to work on your home but may not understand your needs/wants, could lead to additional costs for rectification work later on. Go with someone whom YOU feel most comfortable with and are confident in managing.

Do you have other tips to share as well? Feel free to comment below.


3 thoughts on “8 tips to save money on renovations. 

  1. Hillary says:

    I have had to change my kitchen light three times in five years and each time I had needed an electrician to help me unplaster and repair the hole in the ceiling.
    Ive since decided to just use a lightbulb. If this fuses too, just screw in a new bulb.

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