Our walls are hacked!

This may seem like a norm in the world of renovations but it is such an exciting thing for us! Yet another day closer to moving in. 

The husband paid a visit to our place and took some pictures. The space opened up so much with just the hacking of two walls. 

Check it out guise! No kitchen walls! Peekaboo no more. All we see and feel is space, space snd space = happiness. A 3-panel sliding door will go up, so there’s still a kitchen separation option when we cook. 

My lovely kitchen and dining space view from the bedroom corridor. To the right, you’ll see our household shelter, where we’ll store our vacuum, luggages and some miscellaneous portables. 

Our connecting door has been created! This view is from our master bedroom, onlooking our study/closet/music space. 

View from the other side. 

You’ll notice bags of cement in the last two photos as today, my uneven floor went through a screed. It awaits my vinyl clip ons that will be installed later on. My ID suggests to allow more time for the screed to entirely dry out, for the longevity of the floor. 

Ah, sun beams and happy things. 🙂


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