Our home’s floor screed is done.

When we got our homes, it came with raw concrete. This was our choice as we did not like the normal white tiles that was provided by HDB. So, we had to screed our floor (costs covered mostly by HDB), so that our wood-looking vinyl flooring could be clipping on and fitted nicely. 

For now, it looks like this:

It has made the house so much darker, which isn’t what we like but of course this is only temporary. But we are pleased that it is yet another step closer to completion and finally our flooring is somewhat even. 

Close up of the floor. It looks somewhat two-tone in colour because the contractors probably did it over two sittings or days. The area nearer the door is still not entirely dry, so we couldn’t step into the house. 

Even floors; finally. 

Screed meets hacked wall. Konnichiwa! The gap you see there will be filled up by tiles and linked in its design to our Genkan area. 

Our Genkan area, which will be filled by tiles. It’s tiny but functional. 

Here’s a sample of our vinyl flooring. Visualize with us. 🙂 can’t wait…


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