Latest home updates & home-soul-mates we’ve found in Sydney.

Hi guys! We are just back from Sydney and we have received more home updates from our Interior Designer and we are so excited to visit the home this weekend to take a look. 

Summary of updates:

  • Our Genkan area’s white tiles are done. 
  • Electrical wiring is work-in-progress.
  • Hacked wall tiles and walls are made good. 
  • Kitchen base is done. 
  • Wall tiles are replaced (areas that are hacked).

We’ll share more photos of it soon!

Work in progress.

Open space. 

View from the living room.

Excitement – this word is an understatement for us. 

Meanwhile, while we were in Sydney, we got to know a beautiful couple who shared so much in common with us, in terms of home design and materials we’ve chosen for our homes. We term the four of us, home-soul-mates. 🙂

There are many good days ahead!


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