Amazing Japanese kitchenware.

Can we just say that we are constantly blown away by the creativity of the Japanese and Japanese concepts of usability, practicality and creativity?

Presenting to you Kappabashi Street in Tokyo – the best place in Tokyo for kitchenware. The inner-‘aunty’ in us was very happy that day, as we shopped for light-weight kitchenware for our new home. We bought ceramic knifes (who look like plastic but are deceivingly sharp), bowls, chopsticks, spoons, stirrers…we loved it!

Look what we found! (We almost bought it by the way haha) It is similar to one of our favourite YouTuber’s Yuka Kinoshita‘s bowl. It was 1,600 Yen and it’s pretty reasonably priced…just that we likely won’t eat much from it, so we didn’t buy it in the end.

And of course, we bought these amazing spoons, likened to those at Ichiran Ramen, which is by the way, to us, the best ramen EVER.

Other stuff that we will perhaps buy later on after moving in:

Tomorrow we’ll be seeing our Interior Designer to discuss carpentry details + visiting our home again. More updates after!

Hope everyone is having a splendid start to a weekend. 🙂


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