Making progress.

Our interior designer has been amazing so far, ensuring that progress is made, even while we were away in Sydney. We are so thankful for that.

Here are a few before and after photos:

Before: The hacked wall and brown door frames, from just a week ago.

After: The hacked wall is made good. The door frames are painted white. The toilet sink has been removed (to be replaced). Electrical and aircon-trunking has been done. We are very pleased with how swift it has been.

Before: Hacked kitchen wall and semi-drying cement screed. Genkan and tiled area undone. 

After: Hacked kitchen wall made good. Kitchen base done. Electrical wiring prepared. Genkan and tiled area done (it’s so nice! Another post on that.). Cement screed fully dried. 

Before: Master toilet false ceiling, sink and toilet bowl present. Door frame is brown. 

After: All removed! White door frames.

View from the master bedroom. Left: the corridor leading out to the dining room. Right: doorway to our wardrobe/study/music room. 

Next week, our vinyl floors will be laid out (woohoo). The following week, delivery of kitchen appliances and toilet accessories will begin. Also, the carpenter will start fabricating our wood-works. 

Every time we visit our new place, we fall deeper and deeper in love with the space. So stoked and so so thankful. 🙂


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