Pictures of the renovation progress. 

The husband almost walking into the shot. Slightly panicking as we realized the house isn’t as small as we envisioned it to be. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to have space…but the cleaning…we hope to be able to afford a robot vacuum cleaner soon.

There’s something about this photo that I love. Taken from my bedroom, looking out into the corridor, which leads to my dining and living area. To the left is my bathroom. To the right is the doorway into our closet/study/music room.

We are fans of bright and airy spaces. 

Lonesome and dusty chair that’s been stepped on and heavily used. Thank you for being a useful chair.

Doorway that will “semi-sealed” as this part of the wall will house our closet.

Kitchen base, awaiting carpentry. Everyone please pray that we can get our white sink. Basically the bath supplier had messed up and they are still trying to find us a replacement white sink in the size that we want. If not, beige will have to do.

Our common toilet’s shower kerb is done. Goodbye to all-wet toilets.

Master bathroom shower kerb. It is larger but that also means less space for the toilet bowl and also a small sink area. That’s fine for the wife because she ain’t too large in size. 

Our flooring is going on this Saturday. Also, some bath accessories and kitchen appliances are arriving too. It’ll all be smooth and fun!


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