Vinyl floors are mostly done and we want to surprise you.

Let us give you a tease as we would no longer post macro-perspective photos of our home, for now. 😉 

Right now, the only thing left to do is the floor area for our slightly-raised platform bed. 

The wife’s face when she stepped in to see the room for the first time – pure joy and excitement. 

It is a very Asian (in Singapore at least) thing to mostly own your own home after you’re married. Couples I know here get married at mostly ages 25 and beyond. And not all would immediately move out into their own homes. Why? Homes in Singapore are so expensive and don’t even get me started on how expensive it is to throw a wedding party (because it’s not just the couple’s party most of the time). 

So yes, this explains the excitement we both feel in finally getting our very OWN space.

We are thankful that both our ideas are in sync. Of how we love the Japanese-theme, the light wood, the clean look, minimalism, and how we love and respect one another.

Hey we don’t have a perfect relationship and there are times when we get into renovation-squabbles. But we are thankful that we have God and one another. 🙂

Remembering an older photo of the house and feeling glad that it has evolved so much ever since. 


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