Work-in-progress narrations from the items themselves. (& happy National Day Singapore!)

It’s a beautiful and sunny day (ok it’s beyond hot) in Singapore because our nation is celebrating its 51st. 🙂 

So happy holidays everyone and be careful while catching em Pokemons!

Meanwhile here are some sneak peek photos + narrations from the times themselves. Straight from the horses’ mouths. 

“Oh hide me from the paint with a magic cape of masking tape!” – Mr. light switch 

“You guys striped me bare naked…when are you gonna put on my white throne of glory?” – Ms. toilet (hole), seen talking next to the wife’s foot.

“I am beautiful and I make all things white and pure.” -Mrs. Sink it all

“I’m but a dwarf next to my older brother but I produce clean filtered water for healthier H2O.” – Mr. water-filter tap 

“I’m where you’d spit in and I am thankful it’s not because you hate me.” -Ms. understanding sink

Oh these guys…


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