Counting our blessings.

The world we live in now is dark. Very dark. And so, we are extemely thankful for every thing we have and can call our own. We are thankful that we even have a house we can design as we please (of course as our wallet allows also) and look forward to living in. 

You know the feeling of finally getting the keys to your place, and you cannot wait to move in? We both cannot wait and we are trying to expedite whatever we can, as and when we can afford it. But as we go through this journey of small “frustrations” and little “anxieties” {which dining table to buy? what windows to install? do we get this or that?}…we realize that all these are material issues or topics. 

When it’s our time to return to God, what can we bring along from this earth? Only relationships, love, names of people…basically just that. Not our beloved bed, comfortable dining table, nor trusty built-in oven. These are just creature comforts.

So yes. We want our home to be a blessing to ourselves, to our relationship as a married couple, to develop friendships and build up kinships. It shall be a place filled with genuine laughter, fun and joy. Where relationships are cherished, over stuff.

Ain’t that a part of what minimalism is all about?

Food for thought. Thanks for following us on the rabbit-trail blog post. 🙂


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