Installation of carpentry work.

We are sniffing the end of renovations soon. 

Check out the cool wooden base of our platform bed! Everything is starting to come together. It’s also looking more and more Japanese…it’s crazy exciting.

Now, the beauty of it all is to NOT fill it up with stuff and to move in with as little things as possible. Also, it’s a great way to save up cash to buy what we REALLY love, need and miss – rather than a “stand-in” item that we actually don’t like a 100%.

It may sound crazy, but:

  • We will do without a sofa, TV and coffee table (we refuse to follow “norms”).
  • While we save for our perfect dining table, our current study table will become our dining/study table in the living room.
  • We won’t own a bed frame. Our mattress sits on a platform floor.
  • Collectively, we both own less than 15 pairs of footwear in total. I believe we can reduce further. This will all fit nicely in our built-in shoe cabinet.

However, each couple is unique so please don’t feel pressured to follow what we do. It just works for us and we hope it inspires you to take a small step yourself. 🙂

We paid an evening visit to check out our carpentry tonight and although there’re things to be rectified, it all looks so good and it’s surreal to be at our home at night. It’s almost as if we are hanging out at our place already.

So thankful. 


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