Minimalism in our bathrooms.

We are pleased to share that our bathroom carpentry, sinks and mirrors have been installed. Things are coming together and it is close to the end of our renovations. Oh yes. 🙂

We are not going to have many toiletries; just only what we use. Standard bath toiletries, facial products, tooth brushes, toothpaste and some tiny miscellaneous items. ✌🏻️

The bathroom is a place of humidity and a breeding-wonderland for bacteria, so our towels will be aired outside in our bedroom area. 

We love the Japanese concept of having a dry bathroom (toilet bowl /sink and vanity) and a wet bathroom (shower, tub and area for dehumidifying laundry). Too bad it’s not a norm for Singapore apartments (we have an all-in-one bathroom).

Here are some Japanese Instagram accounts that we like, featuring their bathrooms. 🙂

Love love love minimalism!

Counting down to a couple more weeks till we can move in…


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