Fantastic window blinds experience.

In general, the home contractors in Singapore do not put in as much love and pride in their work, as much as we hope that they would. There would probably be just a handful who would handover their work to you, with zero or minimal defects. 

And what more, good service. Good service is so rare nowadays. 

So when we got our “window-lady’s” contact from our friend, we weren’t expecting a lot. Boy were we pleasantly mistaken! 

Right from the start, she was constantly calling the wife and giving her updates on the quotation. She visited our home with samples and was cheerful and considerate. We signed with her.

On the delivery date, the installer came on time and finished his job within 40 minutes (4 window blinds; we were impressed). He kept asking us (cheerfully!) to check the blinds along the way and we did. 

It was of such good quality. Spotless. All installed in alignment. 

That same afternoon, the wife received a call from “window lady,” thanking us for using her services and that she was glad we like it. She suggested for us to recommend her to our friends too.


Email us if you’d like her contact details. 

Thankful. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fantastic window blinds experience.

  1. Zac says:

    Hello! Can I have your window blind contacts? Also may I know your ID firm? Wish I visited your blog earlier! It is hard to find reference for Japanese-theme BTOs, yes my BTO will be japanese themed. Thanks!


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