So in love with our kitchen glass doors. 

Thank you Besglas for doing such an amazing job with our glass door installation. We love love love it. 

As you already know (if not hello there!), we have themed our house to a Japanese theme because of our love for Japan and Japanese culture. 

Therefore, having a feature Japanese sliding door (or likened to a shōji door) was integral to the design that we had in mind. Much like the one in this photo below.

Image source: Phaidon

So we custom-made something that’s white, glass & with less divides so it’s more practical for Singapore’s weather and easier to clean. We are huge on things that are easy to clean. Huge on it.

Here are the lovely doors waiting to be installed.

Here is our kitchen entrance before the doors were installed. It’s bright and beautiful, but who wants to deal with grease escaping into the living room? Also, our air conditioner is able to cool the dining and living space better if we had doors to close up the kitchen space.


The three workers from Besglas were so professional, efficient and excellent. We are super impressed and thankful. They were even laughing and joking as they worked – which was very rare to see.

Anyway, do ignore the empty drawer spaces as our carpenter is doing some small adjustments for us so they took the drawers back. 

On top of a successful day of installations (there were other doors being installed), we got to meet our next-door neighbors. We gave them a tour of our home and they gave us a tour of theirs. It was lovely meeting them. 🙂

We also met our new Corgi neighbor and it greeted us by licking our toes and then swiftly running away!

What an amazing way to start the weekend. 


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