Our kitchen draws us in. 

This kitchen space is one of our favorite of favorites in our home. 

It will likely be the busiest part of the house. 

Meal prep. Cooking. Baking. Washing up. 

And in our service yard, we would spend time doing laundry (we got ourselves a mini-washer toy to encourage fun laundry time, urgh) and enjoy sunrise and sunset. 

It is so bright and clean. 

Even on rainy days, it makes us happy-hermits.
And can we just take a moment to appreciate our gorgeous tap. Everyone please also take a moment to pray that it stays sparkly and clean, amen.

Here’s our (somewhat dusty) induction cooker. We are excited to cook on it and keep it looking sparkly too. Oh the obsession for cleanliness!

By the way, want to know the pros and cons of an induction and gas cooker? Check this post out.

Oh say hello to our very first built-in oven. *scream* Not many of you would know that the wife was once (an almost daily) food blogger and baking was a hobby. We are excited to have the house smell like banana cake or brownies. 

Here’s how the sink looked like before our KompacPlus counter top went on. It was tough finding an entirely white sink. 

All that’s left is our white fridge on the right side. Yes guise, white fridge. Woohoo! 


2 thoughts on “Our kitchen draws us in. 

  1. Kate says:

    Kudos on finding an entire white sink! I think there’s only a few brands in the market with a full white sink. We actually wanted one but decided to go against it since we thought that maintenance is still key. Apparently hubby’s office has a white sink installed and he says that he can spot stains there.


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