Minimalism: 5 things we said goodbye to pretty easily.

For most people, they get inspired by minimalism but they do not know where to begin. 

There are tons of how-to methods out there which you can easily find online, such as the KonMari method. However, for some, it may be too daunting a task to even begin.

So what we’ll suggest is for you to take baby steps. 

Here are 5 things we said goodbye to pretty easily, which we hope’ll inspire you to start somewhere! 

  1. Socks: Old ones, those with holes, those we don’t wear often and are left at the back of the drawer. Don’t keep them.
  2. Clothing: A handful of clothes that definitely do not spark joy – take out 1-3 pieces each day or each week & donate them.
  3. Duplicates of stuff: Do you need more than one nail-clipper or plain white tee-shirt? Also, you can chuck hard copies of papers, which you already have soft copies of, etc.
  4. Accessories that you “might” wear: Instead of having it lay dormant in your drawer or box, bless a girlfriend or her tween daughter with it. They’ll appreciate it more and actually wear it.
  5. Expired food: Especially those in the fridge (out of sight, out of mind). You definitely find 1 or 2 items you can discard.

Valuable space saved and less clutter in sight will definitely make you a happier person and cut out unknowing stress in your life. Try it out, you won’t regret it. 🙂

Also, if you’re on the fence about something, it’s ok to put it back and reconsider giving it away the next day, or the following week. Don’t be too hard on yourself especially at the start of this journey. 

Be unconventional and dare to discover who you really are, without the unecessary stuff in your life.


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