6 Tips to make home-cleaning easier (during the design phase).

A huge number one general tip is to reduce the number of cleaning surfaces that you have in your home!

Here’s breaking it down into some specifics for you:

  1. Avoid having overhead kitchen cabinets with exposed tops. Some of you may like exposed tops due to its design (with lights and all), but do note that you will have to stand on a step ladder at least 1-2 times a month to clear out cobwebs & dust. The same goes for any exposed shelving.
  2. Avoid elevated bed frames. We have lived with an elevated bedframe (without storage) for the past 4 years of our marriage and we promise you that there’s a dust monster living underneath our bed! 
  3. Avoid building fixtures that have tiny grooves or hard to reach spaces. Keep emphasizing to your interior designer or contractor the importance of easy cleaning. Don’t stop asking him or her, if the designs are practical to clean and maintain.
  4. Avoid carpets and mats that you have to vacuum often or that you can’t easily wash. In Singapore’s extremely humid climate, we tend not to NEED these to keep warm. We have it for a certain look & feel. It’s ok to want it, but do consider if it’s worth having you vacuum it & to sweep up its “shedding” when you reach home at night, or during your precious weekends.
  5. Install one-sheet vinyl window blinds, instead of curtains or venetian window blinds. Our vinyl blinds are so easy to clean & it blacks out the room very well. 
  6. Avoid building in fixtures that you’re unsure if you need or want yet. This will not only save you money, but time in cleaning these extra items.

If you are a minimalist and generally quite neat – you can still maintain a clean home without following our tips. And there are smart ways to clean the “harder-to-clean” items that we’ve mentioned above. 

However, for most people in Singapore, we go through long days (& sometimes evenings) at work. We come home hungry and tired, and we just want to relax. Therefore, any reduction in effort and time in cleaning is always welcomed at our home! 

Importantly, evaluate what’s practical for you and what would make you happy (knowing full well the consequence of cleaning that it entails). Apply what suits YOUR lifestyle and what would satisfy YOUR design dreams. 🙂


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