5 Renovation tips we wish someone had told us.

Some of these advice are those we have applied in our own home renovation, others are discovered along the way, after moving in for more than a few weeks (where the cleaning routine begins).

Even if you are someone who is pretty relaxed about ‘dirt’ at home, or if you have a helper, we hope that these tips would still benefit you in the long run. 🙂

Here are our 5 renovation tips!

  1. Choose larger tiles with less grout-lines/joints or rectified tiles that do not require much grout to keep them joined together. This saves you lots of time scrubbing the dirt that builds up in your grout (sadly, no one on earth is immune to this). We have mosaic tiles at our Genkan area and wish we had chosen larger tiles, so that cleaning is easier. It isn’t a huge regret but it is definitely something worth your consideration.

  1. Get as large a sink as you possibly can! I cannot stress how important this is. Larger sinks allow for more space to soap larger pots/pans, or soap/wash in big batches. Our sink is of a pretty average size for BTOs in Singapore, but we wish we had gotten a sink that’s at least 10cm wider (ours is 70cm-ish). We were initially worried about maximizing counter-top space, but we have more than enough counter space after we had inherited an IKEA movable island on wheels from a dear friend for our kitchen. However, this ‘small’ sink issue is solvable by washing as you go along or having a dishwasher (which isn’t common in Singapore). 
  2. Building on the point of sinks, this tip was given to us by another dear friend who is now living in the States. She told us not to get right-angled (90-degree) corner sinks as scrubbing the food/soap scum from these corners is a painful process. We took her advice and got ourselves a rounded-corner sink and we have no regrets!

  1. Select stainless steel over chrome finishing on your furniture or kitchenware. Chrome corrodes and rusts so quickly in our humid Singapore climate. You may be lured in because chrome usually costs a lot lesser (sometimes even 50% of the cost), but it will not last you for more than a few years without rusting. But may we caution you that stainless steel CAN BE STAINED (don’t be fooled by the name), so do still keep it away from chemicals as much as possible. Well, just keep everything as dry as possible if you live in Singapore, heh.

  1. Vinyl flooring is such a breeze to clean and maintain! Also, we’ve had two friends tell us that when their child falls down on vinyl, they do not cry (but they do cry on tiled flooring) – this is because vinyl is softer in nature. Our tip is to get your contractor or ID to use the thickest vinyl boards (8mm or 10mm I believe) that’s of the best quality. If not, the corners of the vinyl may fray as the years go buy. Anyhow, vinyl is generally a lot cheaper than marble or tiled flooring, so it’s a great ‘starter-flooring’ for young married couples, who are dealing with the real financial pressures of living/working in Singapore.

Hope this helps!

We may add more tips as we discover them along the way. Tell us what you think. 🙂


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