Living in a 8m2 Tokyo Apartment!

[With reference to 2 videos appended below at the end of this post]

This girl here lives in a SUPER TINY 8m2 apartment in Tokyo, Japan. Her name is Emma and she’s a YouTuber from Australia, living in Tokyo.

The average 4-room flat in Singapore is around 90m2 in size. So technically, our home is more than ten times the size of hers! #insane

However, after watching the videos (which we’ve embedded below for your viewing), there’s a part of us that envied her. Well, this 8m2 apartment would definitely work out if the wife lives alone in Tokyo; and a bit of a squeeze for two, but there’s just something magical about living in a small space and making it work.

If you’d want to discuss minimalism, Emma is definitely a minimalist – without even quoting a word of ‘minimalism’ in the first video below.

The simplicity of her life is astounding.

  • She has so little to clean.
  • She gets to live in Japan (hello, our dream).
  • If she ever needs to move, she can pack up in a day.

Of course, there are cons to living in a small space, i.e. you can’t entertain much, you are limited to whatever activities that the space allows for, and you likely can’t own a pet. But this has definitely intrigued us.

Would you ever live in a space like that, even if it’s for a few months? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Living in a 8m2 Tokyo Apartment!

  1. gigi says:

    hi. is that an undermount sink? what is the material of your kitchen countertop?

    in another post, you mentioned that you squeegee after every shower. where do you put the squeegee? is it also in the shower area? can you take a picture of your squeegee? thanks.


    • life5imply says:

      Hi! Ours is an undermount sink and our countertop is a brand called Kompacplus.

      We hang our squeegee up to dry after each use. It’s a standard one you can purchase from ikea or your local stores I suppose!


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