Kitchen update: Did we stick to being minimalists? (photos included).

It has been 3 months since we have moved in! And this means we have gotten a chance to purchase more items (that we need) and populate our kitchen cabinets. 

You may now be thinking…”these two can’t possibly keep up with minimalism. Stuff WILL accumulate in a matter of time…it happens to everyone…”

We are purposeful not to hoard and to constantly evaluate if we need certain items or not. But you will notice in the upcoming photos that we have multiple items we consider as daily-needs, such as Dettol, haha!

Here’s a somewhat macro view of our kitchen with all our cabinets closed. We love to keep only items we use daily on the counter tops and the rest in the cabinets. As we’ve said before, this makes cleaning so much easier.

Our service yard is kept as clutter free as possible. It’s the place with the most direct sunlight and it holds our buckets to ensure that mold doesn’t built up. This white stool has many uses – 1) holds our laundry basket when we load our washer, 2) allows us to sit and enjoy the view outside, 3) allows the wife to sit at our movable island for meals. It’s also easy to clean – such a great buy. (A post on where we got all our stuff will be drafted soon!)

Our handy step stool is tucked away in a corner so the wife could pull it out quickly to access the upper shelves. And of course, gotta keep those bug-killers accessible and handy too.

Here’s our little pantry / appliance / pots and pans cabinet. There’s always instant noodles and coffee in this home. And the husband recently surprised the wife with an electronic mixer that isn’t too small, but still fits in the cabinet, yay!

Our under-sink area consist of detergents and all kinds of sprays! Whenever we see an offer, we kinda buy in bulk. 😋 But we do use them up pretty fast.

These are all the dishware, containers, cups, disposables and seasoning that we have. It is more than sufficient. 

What does your kitchen look like on the inside and out? 😊


2 thoughts on “Kitchen update: Did we stick to being minimalists? (photos included).

    • life5imply says:

      Aww it’s ok! Start somewhere and start small 🙂 with kids I’m sure it’s a lot more challenging but I believe with determination, you can slowly declutter and neaten up. Jiayo 🙂


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