Airing out your mattress and wet kitchen items.

There’re quite a few good home habits that we are trying our best to adhere to, for the sake of our health and the longevity of our belongings.

One of them is airing out your mattress!

There is a detailed write-up here if you’d like to know more. 

We usually air it out on the weekends, when we change our bedsheets (we can’t do that weekly at the moment…it’s too tiring heh). 

Benefits of airing out your mattress:

  • A cleaner mattress (but of course).
  • Reduced chances of falling ill/aggravating allergies.
  • Less chances of bedbugs or other critters making your mattress their home.
  • A longer lasting mattress. It’s a pretty expensive piece of furniture so good care put towards it is worth it.

Our step-by-step process summarized:

(Try to do this in the morning when the sun is out)

  1. Prepare large laundry bags (we got ours from IKEA).
  2. Remove beddings and put it inside the laundry bags.
  3. Lift up the mattress and air pillows/bolsters on a rack. 
  4. Vacuum the mattress or use a sticky-roll to roll away dust/hair.
  5. Spray a dust mite prevention/killer-spray all over the mattress.
  6. Air out the mattress and air pillows/bolsters on a rack, near the window/sun. (Great opportunity to clean the bed frame, or for us, the platform area of the floor where our bed rests.)
  7. Turn on the dehumidifier and face it towards the abovementioned items.
  8. Head to the laundrymat! This includes heat-drying the beddings as well. 
  9. Head home. Air the washed/dry bedding for a while and keep it. 
  10. Take out clean set #2 of beddings and replace.
  11. Sleep on a clean bed. ✌🏻

The air in Singapore gets even more humid once the sun goes down, so try to get everything done before evening falls – especially if you’re keeping the windows open while airing the mattress. 

We have kept our pillows and the likes of it as compact as possible. We have also changed our mattress from a King-sized to a Queen-sized (the wife is petite anyway). This makes changing our beddings and airing stuff out SO MUCH easier. Our old King-sized mattress was so heavy and so hard to lift up, but don’t be pressured by us and do what works for you – we have just chosen to be as practical as we can.

Also, do remember to air out your kitchen items such as dishes, drying racks and bottles. This helps to reduce the growth of mold. See more of our post on fighting mold here

We hope this inspires you! 


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