Does minimalism mean depriving yourself of things?

What do you think our answer is to that? 

Heck no of course!

For us, keeping and maintaining ONLY what sparks joy is what that matters. It is far from depriving yourself of things you truely love and treasure.

The wife is definitely reinspired again, after reading Marie Kondo’s book

It has been almost 6 months since we have moved into our new Japanese-themed and what we would call a minimalist home – and we feel that we definitely do not make use of every single item that we have (need to KonMari the home again). 

Also, we do not yet have everything we want that would spark joy. But! In that is a journey called life. 🙂 In life, we discover, we grow, we evolve in terms of the stuff we need, we find value in, and of course, the people we choose to have close to us (so important). 

Therefore, minimalism means that we aspire to love/need every single item in our home! A home is a sanctuary to come home to, and we want every single sight that we catch in our home, to spark that little happiness and excitement.

For the wife, it is fake plants. Yes fake, because it provides the green she likes but yet there is no need to water it nor throw it away after it wilts.


And the wife indulges in her decadent Aēsop products that she cannot get enough of. It’s quality, smell and price(!), is unmatchable (to her). 

Do you have items in your home that spark joy? It could be anything and don’t be ashamed of it (old band tee shirt, notebook of sketches, wedding album, an old mug, anything). 

Join us on this journey to have only things that spark joy our homes! 


2 thoughts on “Does minimalism mean depriving yourself of things?

  1. life5imply says:

    Hi Lorrie! The wife washes her fake greens under the tap and dries them with a kitchen towel / airs it out to dry entirely. 🙂 we don’t dust because dust will fly everywhere haha!


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