A guide to a 4 room BTO’s renovation and furnishing costs. 

Many of you have asked for information on this or a blogpost on this topic – you have been kept waiting!

We hope this is useful, especially for those of you who are going to start your home renovation journey soon. 

These costs are based on our personal tastes, decisions and where we live in Singapore. You don’t have to follow it all. In fact, we have not done many “usual” things like buying a TV, doing up false ceilings, getting a sofa at this point, etc. 

Our home is a 4-room BTO and all prices are quoted in Singapore dollars. 

List from our Interior Designer: (please note that if you do ask him for a quote, the prices of these items will vary according to the quality, size of your home and your design preferences.)

Total damage: ~$25,000

Find Raemond here


  • Design and consultancy – Raemond is more of a designer than a contractor, which is exactly what we are looking for.
  • Demolition, haulage and debris clearing works.
  • Tiling works.
  • Plumbing works.
  • Painting works.
  • Glass works – 2 bath shower screens. 
  • Floor works – vinyl flooring. 
  • Door works – bedroom doors. 
  • Carpentry works – shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinets, bedroom raised platform, and bathroom sink-tops.
  • Electrical works.
  • Miscellaneous works, cleaning and acid wash. 

As most of you know by now, our home is pretty minimal, so we have kept certain items low on costs, but we did pay a little more for our custom-made frosted bedroom doors – which we love so much till today. It allows light through and it makes the space feel larger and airier. 

Raemond is design-focused and patient – we would definitely recommend him. 🙂

We also had to top up around $800 for a HBD contractor to even out our cement screed on our floors, as we had opted out from HBD’s default flooring. Thereafter, Raemond’s guys laid out the vinyl over the dried screed. This is entirely optional. 

List from Besglas: 

Total damage: $4505.60

Find them here


  • Kitchen sliding doors (custom 3 panels, top hanging) – $1954.13
  • Toilet acrylic bifold doors (x2) – $328 x2
  • Closet sliding doors (custom 2 panels, soft closing) – $1730.94 
  • The above included installation as well.

Overall, Besglas was very professional. Everything was installed in less than 2 hours! The workers were also happy working, singing and laughing while completing their tasks. 👍🏻

List from Aik Leong:

Find them here

Total damage: $4315

  • Electrolux washing machine – $899
  • Electrolux induction hob – $829
  • Electrolux glass chimney hood – $859
  • Electrolux built-in oven – $729
  • Ryker fridge (white!) – $999

Aik Leong is a reputable and long-standing company dealing with appliances. So far, I’ve had no major issues with my appliances and the lady boss is pretty responsive in replying us. 

List from Dream Lights:

Find them here.

Total damage: $1555.


  • All the LED ceiling lights in our home!
  • Living room area’s fan with light.
  • Water storage heater tank. 
  • The above includes delivery and installation costs.

Other lists:

  • 4 Mitsubishi air-conditioners: $3880
  • Sink, taps and toilet bowl: $1605 (We would not recommend this contact as we found out that they are pretty expensive and service wasn’t very good.)
  • Vinyl blinds: $850 – We would highly recommend Carol from Plus Furnishings (Tel: 62702925)
  • 4-tier flexible clothes rack: $229 – We bought ours from Hipvan but we think it’s no longer available. You guys could check out HomeFix or online sources.
  • Service yard windows and invisible grille – $1330 (Service from LeGate wasn’t fantastic but whatever mistakes they’d made, they promptly rectified it at some point)
  • LeGate invisible grille for the living room and bedrooms – $1200 (After discount because of the point above)
  • New queen-sized mattress and beddings: $1958.90 (Courts was having a sale!)
  • Hyflux water filter: $249
  • MUJI dining table and bench: $799 + $309
  • FortyTwo.sg chairs: $98
  • MUJI roller drawers: ~$250 (it’s all over our rooms and part of our closet)
  • IKEA full length mirror with hooks: $69
  • 3 floor fans: ~$200
  • MUJI study table: $418
  • Store room shelf on wheels: ~$150
  • Study room shelf on wheels: $352
  • 2 new large dehumidifiers: ~$1000
  • Miscellaneous items like pails, ladder, cleaning accessories, doorbell, padlock, laundry basket, laundry bags, etc: ~$300
  • Pre-move-in cleaning service: ~$450

Grand total: ~$51,872.50

Guys, don’t freak out. We did not pay this amount all at one go. It was paid off gradually over the months, and of course with savings and blessings from our family. By God’s grace, we are debt-free and it is awesome (for our pockets and marriage). Our advice is to buy things gradually and as you need them – this really helps in saving money and buying only what you love.

We are still looking to buy/customize our dream (practical for humid Singapore/need to spark joy in us):

  • Sofa
  • Portable projector (we prefer not to have a TV)
  • Study room chair

So this is where we are at now and feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section! 

You may also visit a blogpost we did here on tips to save money during the renovation process. 


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