Home renovation details you may have overlooked.

The home renovation process can be a daunting one but it can be fun too! As long as you’re patient and focused. 

In order to make it less stressful for you our friends and readers, we want to share some additional tips that we’ve gathered from our own journey and from the online community. 

You can see more tips from our previous post here

Oh wow, our home looked like this just months ago! – This is what you could be saying just months from now too! 

Home renovation details you may have overlooked (& could rectify):

  • For BTO HDB flats, do ensure that your defects are all rectified, before getting your ID or contractor in. 

This will save you a lot of possible issues in the renovation process, especially if an ID refuses to solve certain “HDB” issues such as water ponding at the toilets – which technically isn’t wrong. Also, a stingy HDB contractor may not want to rectify further problems, which he or she can say is caused by your ID’s workers. If you have the time to finish your defect checking process, before getting your ID to start the renovation, we’d strongly recommend you to do so.

  • Electrical sockets, cable and telephone points – picture how you would go about day to day and where you might need your sockets and the likes of it. 

Thankfully for us, we had added enough additional sockets and at the right places too. Phew. Just note that usually HDB sockets are nicely depressed into the walls (no it’s not emo) and when you add additional new sockets, these may stick out a bit more. 

Here’s our hygrometer sitting on an additional (less depressed) electrical socket. Our dehumidifier is working hard to get it down to this humidity by the way. 🙂 

  • Get your appliances and furniture delivered closer to the end of your renovations. 

Especially for a BTO flat, where it’s common to see many contractors and workers walking in and out of units that have their doors wide open, it is so easy for people to simply walk in, claim to be someone and just disappear with your expensive items. We had a police notice at our lifts, telling us to beware. Do try to work out a schedule (a good ID will help you with this) for when delivery should happen.

  • To hack or not to hack?

If you’re newly married, think carefully if you’d really need to hack down one room to enlarge the living area. Or, if you’d need to combine two rooms into one to build a full size walk in wardrobe. Or, if it’s practical to have an open concept kitchen, should you do a lot of stir fry or deep frying for your meals. 

I’ve had friends telling me that they’ve regretted hacking that wall, because now that their family has grown, they do not have enough rooms to accommodate everyone (and hence they have to find a new home). 

For some friends who aren’t expecting to have kids so soon, had them accidentally too (which can be a surprise blessing), and suddenly – boom! There needs to be a baby room. 

  • If your ID is a creative (meaning that he or she really designs) and is someone you can mostly trust, do not micromanage him or her.

As “creatives” ourselves, we fully understand how it is like when other creatives put their foot down on their ideas, because of good reason. Of course, there needs to be a fine balance of give and take between the client and the ID. This is where you are the best judge of this; if you can be comfortable enough to leave it to your ID, and bring things up when it makes it uncomfortable. 

Trust, integrity, a sense of peace, apologizing when needed, being honest, being open…these are important qualities when hiring your ID. 🙂

So now, there’s no reason for you to overlook these details when renovating your home! ✌🏻


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