Do you need a home-inspection / defect-checking company for your BTO?

After that exciting process of getting the keys to your BTO and immediately heading to your new home before sunsets (okay maybe that’s just us) to have a peek, checking out the view, opening and closing doors, etc…adulthood sets in as we needed to decide if we should hire a home-inspection / defect-checking company, or not.

Here’s a little brief for new (or soon-to-be…congrats!) BTO-owners. 


  1. Collect keys.
  2. Do defect-checking (by yourselves or by hiring a company).
  3. Report the defects (or anything suspected to be one) to your HDB’s contractor – who would have a temporary office set up at the void-deck area.
  4. Defects are rectified (may require multiple checks) and your ID/contractor can come in to start their work. 
  5. Renovations are done and time to clean up! 
  6. Move in. 😍

Firstly just let me state that a defect-checking company in Singapore for a 4-room BTO costs around $500 and onwards, depending on the package that you decide to go for. 

It is expensive and this money could go towards your brand new oven or even pay for a part of your dining set. BUT, there may be scenarios where it is wise to hire one.

Personally for us, we did not engage in one but for some people, it could be absolutely necessary to do so.

Here are several reasons that should lead you to HIRE a home-inspection / defect-checking company:

  • The floors feel uneven and there are many holes in the grout area. 
  • The walls look unfinished and the paint job isn’t done well.
  • The ceiling has holes and isn’t patched up properly.
  • The doors and windows creek and do not close properly.
  • The electricity power points do not all work.
  • The carpentry is substantially bad in quality (you need not focus too much on this if you are planning to overhaul/hack these parts of your home during your renovations).
  • You notice numerous sub-par work/materials such as rusting, leakages, mold build-up and ponding (when your “flooded” bathroom or kitchen water does not flow naturally into the provided drainage).
  • You are extremely particular and have no time/energy to do your own defect-checking. 
  • You would rather part with money, in exchange for a peace of mind.
  • You have noticed many defect-complaints online, regarding your HDB property.

Here are several clues to show that you NEED NOT HIRE a home-inspection / defect-checking company:

  • There are only about 1-3% of minor defects in your HDB-provided flooring.
  • The paint is generally well done and quite even (it is likely you would get your ID to do another coat of anti-mold/washable paint – please do consider this).
  • The ceiling does not need much rectification work.
  • The doors and windows close properly and have minimal creeking sounds.
  • All your electricity points are working.
  • The carpentry is of average-good quality (sad fact: we should not expect a 100% job well done for most contractors in Singapore).
  • There is hardly any ponding occurring when you flood your kitchen and bathroom floors.
  • You would rather take personal responsibility in checking every nook and cranny yourself. 
  • You have a tight budget and would rather spend the money on other parts of the house.
  • You don’t hear of many huge complaints online, or from your neighbors regarding your HDB property.
  • You have a general sense of peace about inspecting your house yourself. 

Ultimately, go with your gut feel and if you’ve purchased the home with your significant other, be sure to come to an agreement with him or her. It is important to collaborate and have a stress-less process, no matter what your final decision might be. 🙂 Relationships are more important than insisting on having your way. 

For those of you who are going to do the defect checking yourselves, we will be doing a post soon on how-to tips and a summarized checklist that we’ve put together (after researching all over the Internet)! 

Hope this helps and let us know what you think. ✌🏻


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