Minimalism can save your marriage. 

How so? We aren’t being dramatic when we say so. 

1. We cannot stress how important an easy-to-clean house is to a healthy marriage. 

This is definitely not the only important factor into building a healthy marriage, but it’s definitely an ingredient in the entire recipe called love. 

In our hectic Singapore work culture, a married couple would be tired by the time they’ve reached home. This includes us. 

When you’re home, you don’t want to be seeing clumps of hair, dust, mess lying around. It adds unwanted stress to the individual and that’s the last thing you’d want. A home should be a sanctuary where you also don’t want to spend too much time cleaning (or fighting about why things are left dirty; and who should be cleaning/helping out more). 

We are thankful for a relatively empty floor, which enables Sarah (our iRobot) to clean away on a daily basis. Viola! 

2. Lesser belongings gives us a birds’-eye-view of whatever we own, and releases us to purchase new items without guilt. 

Up till today, even with lesser belongings than before, we still feel that we could do with less. This frees our mind and our hearts to truly be aware of what we really love, which results in us knowing what new stuff we can possibly purchase (but we are still super choosy in shopping). 

Our clothes are also cycled more often from the closet, to the wash, and back into the closet. This keeps stuff fresher = in general this leads to a happier and fresher home too. 

3. We get to do what we truly love!

Be it to paint, calligraph, watch movies, surf YouTube, read, doodle, bake, etc… we get to do this more often because there’s hardly any “weekend” housework to do, other than the occasional laundry, toilet-wash or changing the fish tank water. 

Try it, you won’t regret it. 🙂


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