Actually, how neat are we? The truth behind our kitchen cabinets.

Inside a home’s kitchen cabinets, drawers, and inside a fridge – it’s usually where mess and clutter starts to accumulate. We have moved into our new home for 11 months now. Would you be curious to see how neat(or not) we’ve kept our stuff in our kitchen?

Above: our all-white cupboards. 

Here is what’s behind those white cupboard doors! Some kitchen items, plates, bowls, and cups. And honestly, we don’t even use them all enough. 

Here’s what’s behind the other door – our disposables, sauces and spices. 

And here is what’s under our sink! It smells fresh as we dehumidify the area around once a week. Also, there’re some moth balls in there to keep the bugs away. 

Our four levels of drawers, from the bottom to the top! Do you spot some toys in there? They are our little “spark-joy” items. 🙂

Here’s our corner cabinet that’s next to our fridge. This stores the bulkier items such as our mixer, rice cooker, kettle, pots, pans and some pantry items. 

Last but not least, the contents inside our fridge. 

We think we are doing pretty okay in terms of neatness, heh. 

How about you? 

We hope this has inspired you at least a little. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Actually, how neat are we? The truth behind our kitchen cabinets.

  1. katie says:

    LOVE! Thanks for the tour! I’m curious: what are the things in the drawer stacked on their sides that say “forslutas?” I can tell it’s an Ikea item. AND you must go thru sponges quickly!! Don’t you sterilize them by running them thru the dishwasher? Or do you have a dishwasher. Another way is letting them dry completely in the sun. Love your blog!


    • life5imply says:

      Hi Katie! Nice of you to drop by. 🙂
      Those are garbage bags! For when we have a larger amount of trash (when friends come over for a meal, etc.) We throw out our sponges after about a month, but we don’t cook often at home – if not we might go through them faster. Nope we don’t have a dishwasher, it isn’t common in Singapore. Yes we have a little rack in the sink that elevates it for the sun to dry it up.
      Thanks again for your kind comments!


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