Our Japanese-themed home: An interview with our interior designer.

Would you like a little peek into our Japanese-themed home?

Would you like to virtually meet our interior designer (ID)?

This video below marries both of the above. 🙂

You can say it’s a little ‘collaboration’ between our ID Raemond and us. On his side, he’d styled our home and taken some photos of the interiors (once that’s up on his company’s Facebook page, we’ll let you know). And on our side, we did a little video interview with him – since many of you have been asking about who our ID was.

We hope you enjoy this video:

And here’s a photo we took of him. 😛



Unpacking and fixing up stuff, one box at a time.

It can be so overwhelming and tiring. Moving, packing, sorting, cleaning – repeat. But it is so incredibly rewarding as well.

As we bring more stuff into our space, we are missing the entirely-minimal space. Of course, it isn’t possible to live with nothing, but we are still persistent in making our space clutter-free. 

Our moduler closet and muji drawers are coming together slowly and we are stoked to put only clothing we LOVE in there!

Muji Muji Muji…well, most of it. Not everything at Muji is worth buying; but it’s mostly beautiful of course.

Literally, just 4 more nights at our current place and we will be moved in. 😱😍 It is surreal indeed.

So in love with our kitchen glass doors. 

Thank you Besglas for doing such an amazing job with our glass door installation. We love love love it. 

As you already know (if not hello there!), we have themed our house to a Japanese theme because of our love for Japan and Japanese culture. 

Therefore, having a feature Japanese sliding door (or likened to a shōji door) was integral to the design that we had in mind. Much like the one in this photo below.

Image source: Phaidon

So we custom-made something that’s white, glass & with less divides so it’s more practical for Singapore’s weather and easier to clean. We are huge on things that are easy to clean. Huge on it.

Here are the lovely doors waiting to be installed.

Here is our kitchen entrance before the doors were installed. It’s bright and beautiful, but who wants to deal with grease escaping into the living room? Also, our air conditioner is able to cool the dining and living space better if we had doors to close up the kitchen space.


The three workers from Besglas were so professional, efficient and excellent. We are super impressed and thankful. They were even laughing and joking as they worked – which was very rare to see.

Anyway, do ignore the empty drawer spaces as our carpenter is doing some small adjustments for us so they took the drawers back. 

On top of a successful day of installations (there were other doors being installed), we got to meet our next-door neighbors. We gave them a tour of our home and they gave us a tour of theirs. It was lovely meeting them. 🙂

We also met our new Corgi neighbor and it greeted us by licking our toes and then swiftly running away!

What an amazing way to start the weekend. 

Amazing Japanese kitchenware.

Can we just say that we are constantly blown away by the creativity of the Japanese and Japanese concepts of usability, practicality and creativity?

Presenting to you Kappabashi Street in Tokyo – the best place in Tokyo for kitchenware. The inner-‘aunty’ in us was very happy that day, as we shopped for light-weight kitchenware for our new home. We bought ceramic knifes (who look like plastic but are deceivingly sharp), bowls, chopsticks, spoons, stirrers…we loved it!

Look what we found! (We almost bought it by the way haha) It is similar to one of our favourite YouTuber’s Yuka Kinoshita‘s bowl. It was 1,600 Yen and it’s pretty reasonably priced…just that we likely won’t eat much from it, so we didn’t buy it in the end.

And of course, we bought these amazing spoons, likened to those at Ichiran Ramen, which is by the way, to us, the best ramen EVER.

Other stuff that we will perhaps buy later on after moving in:

Tomorrow we’ll be seeing our Interior Designer to discuss carpentry details + visiting our home again. More updates after!

Hope everyone is having a splendid start to a weekend. 🙂

Latest home updates & home-soul-mates we’ve found in Sydney.

Hi guys! We are just back from Sydney and we have received more home updates from our Interior Designer and we are so excited to visit the home this weekend to take a look. 

Summary of updates:

  • Our Genkan area’s white tiles are done. 
  • Electrical wiring is work-in-progress.
  • Hacked wall tiles and walls are made good. 
  • Kitchen base is done. 
  • Wall tiles are replaced (areas that are hacked).

We’ll share more photos of it soon!

Work in progress.

Open space. 

View from the living room.

Excitement – this word is an understatement for us. 

Meanwhile, while we were in Sydney, we got to know a beautiful couple who shared so much in common with us, in terms of home design and materials we’ve chosen for our homes. We term the four of us, home-soul-mates. 🙂

There are many good days ahead!

Our home’s floor screed is done.

When we got our homes, it came with raw concrete. This was our choice as we did not like the normal white tiles that was provided by HDB. So, we had to screed our floor (costs covered mostly by HDB), so that our wood-looking vinyl flooring could be clipping on and fitted nicely. 

For now, it looks like this:

It has made the house so much darker, which isn’t what we like but of course this is only temporary. But we are pleased that it is yet another step closer to completion and finally our flooring is somewhat even. 

Close up of the floor. It looks somewhat two-tone in colour because the contractors probably did it over two sittings or days. The area nearer the door is still not entirely dry, so we couldn’t step into the house. 

Even floors; finally. 

Screed meets hacked wall. Konnichiwa! The gap you see there will be filled up by tiles and linked in its design to our Genkan area. 

Our Genkan area, which will be filled by tiles. It’s tiny but functional. 

Here’s a sample of our vinyl flooring. Visualize with us. 🙂 can’t wait…

Part 2: Japanese minimalism in home interiors.

The following few homes are so incredibly inspiring or have inspired us in how we are designing our simple and minimalist Japanese home.


Source: House in Natsumidai by Camp Design inc.

The warm sunlight against the oak wood is so attractive to us. It is incredibly calming and inspiring. It’s somewhat like a blank canvas that evokes creativity in us. Also, we don’t feel the stress in having to clean the surfaces. Granted that this home is probably unoccupied when this photo was taken, but it sure is a great space to live in.


Source: Wing Wall House by Camp Design inc.

We are so envious of the amazing view and airiness of this apartment. The lack of storage sort of forces you to maintain minimalism. It is so beautiful. It is such a great space to entertain a few friends or family.


Source: Homesthetics

This is considered a large Genkan, which is a traditional Japanese entryway areas for a house, apartment, or building. It makes us happy that we’re keeping the rest of our floor clean.

What do you love about minimalism in Japanese home interiors? 🙂

Also see Part 1 of this post here.