Part 2: Why do we love Japan?

Because it is absolutely queer and cute! かわいい! (Kawaii)

Also, here’s declaring to the world that we LOVE cats! 

Japan has cute cats = heaven. 

Our favourite breed of cats has to be the exotic. Just look at this cutie…

This kitty is the sweetest and he can be found at Temari no Ouchi, a cat cafe in one of our favourite spots in Tokyo, Kichijoji. To avoid disappointment, do make an advance booking before visiting. But please keep this place our little secret.

Japan is queer because you also see people walking their cats at the park, which isn’t a common sight in Singapore (or I believe in Asia for that matter). We saw this and we were in total awe, ha!

On another day, here we are walking down a busy street and bam, triplet baby girls and what seemed to be their parents, being interviewed. We were trying hard not to be squeeling/staring tourists. 

Basically: Cute cats + baby girls + Japan = turns us in crazy happy people.

And here’s the cute pie and me (the wife, obviously) to end off this post. Hope everyone is having a happy day/night, wherever you’re reading this. 🙂