Minimalism inside our fridge. 

This is our empty fridge and we are not looking to fill it to the brim.

The wife is a tad concern that it’ll be too small, but we are after all working towards minimalism; so this is going to be something we’ve got to accomplish = storing only what we need & love.

Here are some example of some neat fridges by the Japanese that we are impressed with and inspired by:

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Aren’t they so neat, clean and organized?

Importantly, we are looking forward to making our own choices and ‘mistakes’ – as they are our own and in our own space.

What does the inside of your fridge look like?


Lights, fan and water heater, all up.

The installers did it in 1.5 hours, the entire home. We are impressed at how focused they are. Thank God for amazing people, whom we rewarded a small bottle of cold water after their job well done. 

We are a little concerned with how low the fan is (it is as close to the ceiling as it can be installed, based on HDB requirements). No babies to be carried around there and I should definitely warn my tall friends – especially an awesome friend we have recently made who is 2 metres tall. 

We have chosen a uniform-design for all the lights in our home, except for the light that came with the fan. Other differences are that the lights are come in different sizes and only some have the option of three-tone colours (those in the kitchen, service-yard, toilets, hallway and bomb shelter only have one-tone colour).

Simplicity and practicality is key. That explains the name of the blog. 🙂

Close up of a light on the floor, waiting to be installed. 

Light-cast on the living room floor. 

Peep hole without the peep hole. Took this shot while the husband removed the peep hole to do some measurements. 

Aircon-coil, waiting for the aircon to be installed to make it complete.

Left pending:

  • Doors 
  • Window grills
  • Window blinds 
  • Air-con 
  • Bed platform 
  • Kitchen carpentry 
  • Our move in✌🏻️

Minimalism: Clearing out your wardrobe

How many pieces in our wardrobe, do we really love and need? This is a very tough question for many ladies (and some men) to answer honestly. We love to have options, different styles, etc…but is that really true?

It takes guts, a true sense of WHY, and encouragement to do a serious wardrobe cull. It is not a one-off exercise. It has to be a lifestyle that is applied while you are clearing out your clothes, and while you consider buying new pieces.

I (the wife) still feel that I have too many pairs of jeans, although I wear all of them at least two to three times a month. Project 333 is definitely something that is inspiring me, but I am honestly going slow on it. 33 pieces of everything is definitely a challenge.

After my recent wardrobe cull, I realise that I really do dig my whites, blacks, dark greens, blues and the occasional splash of colour (although it is rare).

The husband has also gotten himself down to very few pieces. He was the wife’s inspiration to begin with – good on you baby!

Why do we choose to clear out our wardrobe?
– Having less does not mean that you cannot be fashionable or stylish. It takes a real stylish person (in the wife’s opinion) to know what he/she really loves on themselves and keep only those.
– We drastically reduce those mornings when we complain about having nothing to wear.
– Less clothes = more money saved.
– More space for fabrics to breath in your wardrobe = less chances of booklice or other bugs like spiders and roaches to infest.
– Trust us on this one: visual clutter breeds unknowing stress in you and you will not realise this until you clear the clutter.
– More space to buy clothing that we really love and that defines our style and to build an eventual capsule wardrobe.
– It is so incredibly fulfilling.

Just imagine opening up your wardrobe and being excited to wear all of your clothes and having those styling ideas run through your head…THAT is how your wardrobe ought to make you feel.

In the days to come, we hope to be able to share more tips and tricks on how we keep our wardrobe clutter-free and inspiring!

Why did we become minimalists? 

The journey for us started off in what we would consider a pretty negative one (which to us, had turned out positive in the end). It began because of a bug-infestation in our parents’ home where we lived, while we waited for our new home to be built.

This bug was first identified to be small, white in colour, crawly bugs who feed on algae and thrive in humid areas. Its name: booklice.

They are totally harmless (they do not bite) but it totally grossed us out as it was found crawling on our clothes, books, basically…everything. It didn’t help that Singapore was mostly hot/humid and that our home wasn’t very well ventilated.

And so the journey of cleaning/washing started a few Christmases ago.
– we took out everything to clean with bug-deterrent solutions
– we bought ourselves dehumidifiers to constantly keep our room at a certain humidity level
– we brought ALL our soft-toys & clothing to the laundry for washing and drying
(this resulted in one of my toys suddenly having permed hair after the drying process and it looked HILARIOUS)
– we did not celebrate Christmas because this experience had freaked us out (I had one dress with over 20 booklice having a crawling party on it)

After Season 1 of this incident. Season 2 occured again close to Christmas! The booklice came back and we did the entire routine again, more thoroughly this time. Also, we bought another dehumidifier for the living area.

During this period, the husband had already started throwing out a lot of old stuff & clothes that aren’t worn often/not practical for wearing in Singapore. He was a tough cookie.

The wife also begin the journey of culling stuff and got even more inspired after discovering the online community of minimalists, the reasons why they do it, and how it actually is so liberating and fun! The important thing is the mindset you adopt and having the revelation of why you are doing it. Our dear readers, it is actually good for you!

Of course, my friend Beverly introduced me to Marie Kondo and I do like her concept of “Spark Joy” so much.

Why did we become minimalists?
(or grow to become more & more of it)

1. we do not use all that we have.
2. we do not like all that we have.
3. we are maintaining things we do not use and do not like.
4. we are cluttered with things we do not use and do not like, such that it harder to find things we actually use and like.
5. out of sight, out of mind – hence, we buy more stuff thinking that we do not own enough of it.
6. we spend more money buying ‘junk.’
7. we spend more time finding stuff that we like.
8. we get stressed out; sometimes without even realising it (e.g. “where did I put that black skirt?!”).

1.  we get to make money selling our stuff.
2. we get to bless our friends with things that we are holding on to, which would otherwise bless them.
3. we have more space to display things we need and like.
4. we spend less time trying to find stuff (the wife actually rarely thinks “I do not have anything to wear!” anymore.)
5. we spend less time cleaning stuff that we don’t need.
6. the visual impact of seeing less clutter = a less cluttered mind = more space for creativity.
7. we only buy things we need and really really love.
8. It is so fun and liberating.

We have a long way to go before we become (if ever become) true-blue minimalists like Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. However, starting now, starting today, is a start and we challenge you to start somewhere.

Minimalism is fun and we have applied it in almost every area of our lives: clothing, stuff we own, our digital files, how we spend our time, how we think, how we pack, etc.

Sharing with you guys some of my (the wife) inspiration:
Rachel Aust
Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things
Project 333
Minimalism on the rise in Japan
holon on Instagram
nika home on Instagram

Do you have anything else you’d like us to share about our journey? Or do you have any tips or other inspirations that you have to share with us? Comment down below!



Less is more.

The both of us have come really far in terms of removing clutter in our lives and reducing our possessions down to only the things that we love and need.

Often in the context of Asia, the more possessions you have, you’ll be seen as ‘wealthier’ or more ‘blessed’ with physical possessions. However, as we progress on in life, it actually takes a toll on us when we have to maintain a huge amount of stuff, which actually does not spark much joy in our lives. Of course, I take reference from Marie Kondo.

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I want to come home to an open breathing space. A space that may be void of decoration, but yet filled with happiness and hope.

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A space where walls are torn down (pun intended) and where people can let their guards down.

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A space where rooms are inviting and calling you to enter into harmonious rest.

Wherever we look, we want it to spark joy. There our goal is set.

What’s your goal for your home?